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Press Enquiries

Photos from the Landscapes Gallery

<small style="text-align: center;">Example of a Previous Publication</small>

Example of a Previous Publication

This page is not for people who simply wish to share my photos on social media for personal use, for full details please visit the Copyright Notice.

Online Use of My Photos

Looking to use one of my photos for a website or blog? Send your request to the email address below with the following information:

  • The URL of your website / blog
  • The subject matter of the article /post that you wish to include my photo in
  • Dimensions you require the image in Pixels

I will let you know if I'm happy for you to display the photo(s), if I am I will include internet ready versions at the dimensions requested.

Print Publication

  • The name of your publication
  • The subject of your article you wish to include my photo in
  • The size of the print required (inches, mm or cm's)

If i'm happy for you to use my photo(s), I will send a print ready version of the photo at 300dpi in the RGB colour spcae. Please be sure to display my name in the article along side the photo; thank you.

Print Use / Commercial Use

Please email me with your print request or commercial proposal, thank you.


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